Sunday is family day!

Last sunday, we heard mass (well, technically "I" heard mass! because joaquim is in play mode, he kept moving around and jhe had to watched him!) then went to Metro Market Market. This is our go to mall because it's just about 5 minutes from home. :-)
And what luck, they were on SALE! hehe!
So we grabbed a light snack at Mcdo for energy! hehe!

 While looking for joaquim's clothes he amused himself with the life-size figures of Garfield and Snoopy at the children's section of the department store.

having so much fun!
We bought him 3 polo shirts (about P200 each) and I was able to buy a reversible pink polka dot bikini (for only P300! score!)

Also bought multi-purpose box for joaquim's and my "abubots"! :-)
only P45 each
 For dinner we ate at Sushi King. Their food is good and we were satisfied for just P370+

After eating we decided to call it a day and I went home a happy camper! :-)