Time to get out theShape-ups

My first pairs of Shape-ups.
Shape-ups for the legs.

Last year I discovered Shape-ups, a very thick sole shoe that firms the buttocks, the thighs, the abdominal muscles and calf muscles. A sneaker but so much more. Yes, you can feel the burn and when you first wear these shoes you shouldn't wear them all day. Try 30 minutes in the beginning. If not your knees will hurt.  Gradually you can though the whole day in them. Don't run though.
Shape-ups made by Sketchers features an unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand which in turn burns calories. What more could a girl want in a shoe?
So for my birthday last year I asked for a pair. Shape-ups aren't cheap and when you have small feet you can't find them on the sale rack so you have to go toSkechers website. ( Some stores like Macy's has sales though if you have the right size foot.)  They start at $80 and can be as high as $110.
You have so many to choose from on the website though. It literally took me hours and in my practical thought process I opted for the white, gray and blue for capris and  the black ones for jeans. too.Yes kind of expensive for a sneaker but think of it this way, no jiggly thighs. As swimwear season approaches, time to wear those Shape-ups. Can they truly reshape your body. Think the Biggest Loser...diet, and exercise with Shape-ups will reshape your body.DIET and EXERCISE. 
 But hey look at Kim Kardashian, the Shoe Diva's has given her stamp of  approval. Wedges are back you know. Keep Styling in Delco.