Love, love, love!!!

Even though it is a scorcher here in the Bayou City, things are looking really cool with the new Fall treasures arriving here at Yaya Chique!

Of course us Texans are either wearing our cowboy boots or our flip flops!!!

If you have never had the chance to visit the store, please take note that over 98% of the beauties in my store are under $40.00!  Yeppers, you read that right....people ask me all the time how I can find such gorgeous treasures at such unbelievable prices? I have known a lot of these designers and vendors for a long time....and through A LOT of research!  I also do not mark up the products as most retailers due.  And the main reason I can give such great because I don't take a salary from the store.  Every thing the store makes, goes to my staff and is reinvested into the company.  I am fortunate enough to be able to make my living off of my own design line.  Yaya Chique is my way of "giving back", so that all women can purchase beautiful treasures without it costing them a fortune!