Photo Diary: Manila Ocean Park + Museo Pambata + Ark Avilon Zoo

It was Joaquim's field trip yesterday, Jhe and I went with him.
We were so excited for Joaquim becase this is his first :)
It was a very tiring day but we know Joaquim really enjoyed himself, we were very happy to see him in awe, amazed and astonished with the new things he is able to experience. :)

Here are some of the photos :)

Manila Ocean Park

just arrived :)

na-amaze si njoaquim sa naglilinis nung tank...hehe!

at the activity area

joaquim's first 4d experience
Museo Pambata (Children's Museum)

with his teacher and schoolmates

cute ni joaquim :)

kulit! :)

 Ark Avilon Zoo

gustong mag-join sa mga fish :)

with jenny the orangutan

feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs