Time for a Yaya Give-a-Way!!!

As you know, every year I have the "12 Days of Christmas" Yaya give-a-ways...and this year is no different---except you have to be a "fan of Yaya Chique on Face book".  I will be giving away treasures from the store with a value of $25.00 and upwards starting on December 1st thru December 12th. 

This is how you can have  a chance of winning! 

1) You must be on our "Like" list on Face book

2) After every give-a-way posted on Face book that day, you must either show that you "like" the post in order to have your name put in the Yaya crown or leave a comment.

3) Every time you send a new person to become a "Fan of Yaya Chique", then your name will be put in the Yaya crown for each new person that becomes a Fan!  So the more people you send and they become a fan....the more chances you have to win!  (Just make sure they let us know that YOU sent them; otherwise we won't know.) And even if they are "new", then they also can send new fans and the same rules will apply to them.

4) A lucky winner will be named each night for that specific give-a-way!

4)  You must come to the store to "claim your prize" before we close for the holidays on December 23rd.  You are the only person who can claim your treasure!  (We will not be mailing any gifts this year....sorry, postage is just way too high now.)

So best of luck....and hope you come play our "12 Days of Christmas" give-a-way---and don't forget to send your friends so that you have an even greater opportunity to win!

Let's get started!!!  The first day of the Yaya give-a-way on December 1st will be:

A beautiful canvas angel journal and 2 wooden angel ornaments!

Also, starting on December 1st, we ask that all of our customers bring in a "new" unwrapped gift item to be donated to the women of the "Mercy House" for battered & abused women here in the CyFair area!  It can be whatever you can afford....from a pair of mittens, to makeup, to bath products. 

As women let us show our support for them...showing that we DO CARE, and that they are beautiful and special!  You can drop your items off at the store starting now through December 15th (the night of our party), and the gifts will be delivered directly to Mercy House on December 16th, just in time for the holidays! So PLEASE show your support during these difficult times for these women!

We have finished up decorating the store for Christmas!  Don't Lucy and Ethel look adorable????

Wishing you a beautiful & loving Thanksgiving....and look forward to seeing you soon!

xo...debi and the entire staff at Yaya Chique