Those Ruby Red Lips

Red Lips are all the rage but are you a bit intimidated?
Red can be overpowering and not all of us can carry off those ruby red lips. When you go to the lipstick counter there are berry reds to wine reds to cinnamon reds. What's a girl to do?

For those with darker skin or olive skin, reds are yours wear a dark coral or a deep cherry color.   For those with a pink complexion, a plum color in the red family works.  For those with yellow tones a warmer brown base red will give you the look you want. Redheads go for reds with more brown or warmer tones.

Blonde's and those with lighter complexions should try this trick so they are not washed out by their ruby red lips 
Use a clear lip balm and then layer a colored lipstick over it, possibly a dark coral lipstick with a red pencil liners. Matte lipstick isn't as bold and more forgiving if you have thinner lips. 

So here are some pointers on how to make those lips look fabulous when wearing red lipstick!

Use an oil-free foundation or lip balm over the lips, line it with a red lip pencil, fill in slightly and then apply the lipstick with a brush. Blot your lips and apply a second coat.

 When using matte lipstick use lip gloss over it so your lips won't dry out.

So what if you went out and bought a red color that is too bold or just not the color for you, keep it.
Experiment with other lip colors you have. Create your own style.  
Keep styling in Delco.